Mothers usually have a lot to tell about their pregnancy. I was in a similar position after my first birth. There was so much that I learned, experienced and came to know. I have been through four pregnancies quite close together. The one thing that I clung to in all four times was eating dates in pregnancy. It was a life saver in so many factors. Once I had them in my first, I took them in all four and I won’t be exaggerating if I say I don’t think I could have managed without it!

The benefits of eating dates for pregnant women are vast. They affect multiple factors including

  1. The mother
  2. The baby
  3. Childbirth

Let me tell you all these yummy sweet fruits have to offer apart from their amazing taste.

Benefits of eating dates in Pregnancy:

Dates are loaded with nutrients for the mother and baby. It’s amazing how much this tiny piece of fruit can pass. Take a look at what you are consuming once that date hits your mouth and goes down your throat.

  1. Potassium:
  2. Vitamin K and iron
  3. Fatty Acids
  4. Calcium
  5. Fiber
  6. Folate

All these nutrients help the mother and baby in the following ways.

You Start Feeling Energetic:

Pregnancy totally drains the energy out of you. It is a confusing state which clicks on and off. One moment you have all the strength in the world and the next you want to just wrap up in a blanket and take deep breaths.

Pregnant mothers commonly feel extreme fatigue and tiredness in the first trimester. This feeling goes on throughout your whole pregnancy. While it is completely normal and expected, it could be tackled by using this simple fruit! Eating dates in pregnancy can give you long lasting energy and stamina. The natural sugars combined with fibres is definitely better than munching on candy bars or other elements containing artificial sugar.

It Helps With Constipation:

The digestive tract tends to play games during pregnancy. Constipation is a much heard complain of many pregnant mothers. It’s irritating and painful. Thats where dates come along! They contain fibre which is best for relieving constipation. It also contributes towards a fuller tummy and low cholesterol level. Maintaining a healthy weight throughout pregnancy can also be obtained by the consumption of dates.

Lower birth defects:

Dates is not only beneficial for the mother but also for the baby! Dates contain folate which reduces birth defects in the baby. Folate rich foods are especially recommended by doctors for pregnant women. The intake of folate and cuts down the chances of congenital defects related to the brain and spinal cord. So how about you set a handful of dates next to your multivitamins and folic acid. Take them and what they have to offer along with them!

Dates Prevent Anemia:

Dates contain iron which has amazing effects on the immunity of the mother and baby. Taking iron in the form of dates can aid in battling anemia by maintaining the haemoglobin and increasing energy.

Maintain water salt balance:

Potassium is another nutrient available in dates which contains electrolytes and maintains water salt balance in the body. It keeps the blood pressure in check and takes care of muscle cramps.

Help your baby grow:

Babies are usually deficient in Vitamin K at the time of birth. Eating dates provides you with Vitamin K which strengthens the baby’s bone and prepares him for strong teeth. Consumption of dates will aid in delivering Vitamin K to the baby after he is born as well through breastmilk.

Eating Dates in Pregnancy Can Affect Labour:

Dates don’t only provide the mother and baby with rich nutrition but it also prepares the mothers body for childbirth.

The concept of dates helping in labour may seem as a myth but in reality, it is backed up by lots of scientific researches. Dates can naturally induce labour making it possible to avoid going through any medical process of induction.

According to a study, women who consumed six dates for the last four weeks in pregnancy had a more quick first stage of labour and a soft cervix more dilated than women who did’t consume dates. They were also found to arrive at the hospital with intact membranes and ready to deliver.

In addition to that, 96% of the women eating dates were found to experience spontaneous labour. Those who didn’t eat dates and had spontaneous labour were only 79%.

I myself counted especially on dates whenever I was nearing my delivery. I took 6 dates every day as my 36th week started. At the time of my due date, the doctor was surprised to see how soft my cervix! I was also 2 cm dilated even before anything started at my first time.

Allah (SWT) also advised The Prophet Maryam (AS) to eat dates as she was approaching labour. This, in itself proves the efficient role this fruit plays for pregnant mothers.

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran,

“And shake towards you the trunk of the date palm tree, it will drop on you fresh, ripe dates.”

Surah Maryam : 25

Is it safe to eat dates in pregnancy?

While it is completely safe to eat dates during pregnancy, there are some factors you might want to look out for.

Consider your blood glucose:

Dates are sweet fruits containing calories and carbohydrates. Control the amount of dates you eat per day if you have a high blood sugar level or if your obsetirtician has advised you to limit the intake of calories.

Check for allergies:

If this is your first time trying dates be mindful about allergies.

Look Out for Indigestion:

Dates in moderation can help with constipation, eating a lot can have a reverse effect. Too much intake of dates can lead to digestive tract issues including diarrhoea and cramping. It is important to have a balanced diet to keep your digestive system fine and running.

How much should you eat:

The amount of dates one can consume depends on the condition. Eat less dates, up to 3 per day if you have blood sugar problems or diarrhoea. Consult a doctor as well in this regard. The latter phase calls for 6 dates a day especially during the last four weeks as it makes your labour shorter and easier.

Have you had eaten dates in pregnancy? What was your experience? Share in the comments section down below!