You find out you are pregnant and whats the first thing in your mind? Well mine was definitely not clothes. I was so overcome with the early symptoms of nausea and morning sickness that how to style myself was the last thing on my mind. It remained so until I started gaining weight and showing a tiny bit. That’s when my mind shifted to getting more comfortable in regards to my attire! I looked through alot of Maternity clothes and I found some amazing modest options for Muslim Moms.

Before we get into the type of clothing, let me tell you why you should opt for maternity clothes during pregnancy.

Benefits of Maternity Clothes.

1. It provides you with comfort.

Maternity clothes are so much more than just fashion. They provide you comfort in those times in which you need it the most. Your normal wear must be getting tight on you making it uncomfortable for you and your body. Don’t ignore this feeling and look to eradicate it by changing your wardrobe. The more comfortable you are, the more easy your mind and soul will feel.

2. It helps with movement.

Your movement already feels restricted because of your growing belly and wearing tight clothes will make this task even harder. Carefully choosing the right dress for later pregnancy will help you remain active and fit which will in turn benefit you during labour.

3. Breathability.

Your body is growing and changing in astounding ways during pregnancy. A mother’s body needs space to breathe and feel more relaxed. Opting for the right maternity clothes will give your body room to breathe and leave your skin feeling light and comfortable.

What to look out for in Maternity Clothes.

Avoid Tight Clothes

It is very important to go for loose clothing when buying maternity wear. Tight clothes will put pressure on your body and belly and offer less space for the body to breathe.

Tight lowers will also make your trips to the bathroom more difficult and long which will be a source of inconvenience to you. They can cause redness and rashes which is the last thing you want to have during this 9 month period. Your thighs will put on weight as your pregnancy progresses. Tight pants will cause bruises and rashes on your thighs making you more prone to getting a yeast infection.

Choose a comfortable fabric

The wrong fabric will make you feel hot and sweaty. Find the type which is soothing and comfortable on your skin. Most mothers prefer 100% cotton. It is light and soft and feels good on the skin. Turn away from leather\, jeans and all such thick, rough ans harsh fabrics. They might look good but you wouldn’t accomplish what you want by wearing them.

Types of Maternity Clothes

Here is a list of the type on maternity clothes you need and how can you can make it modest to fit into your Islamic way of life.

Maternity Tops

Maternity tops ranges from dresses to loose long shirts. Here are some of the maternity tops that I like. They are elegant, comfortable and most of all, modest! The loose and flowy fabrics feel great against your skin and make you look amazing!

Maternity Bottoms:

I can’t live without maternity bottoms during pregnancy. I think all those are in the same boat who tend to wear their bottoms above their waist. The growing tummy makes the waistband tighter on your normal wear and it gets extremely uncomfortable and painful.

My first maternity bottoms in my first pregnancy were a gift from a most beloved Aunt of mine. They were a life saver as I got rid of the continuous itchiness I felt and i stopped experiencing those hideous red marks from the elastic on my belly.

However, as I previously mentioned, make sure to choose loose bottoms and pajamas. They are pregnancy and Deen friendly. Tight pajamas will cause you to sweat and offer no room for your skin to breathe causing more discomfort than comfort.

Take a look at some of these maternity bottoms.

Maternity Undergarments:

Undergarments should always be the most comfortable piece of clothing and more so during pregnancy. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to the most comfortable undergarments. Decide which ones you feel most comfortable wearing and get them organised in your closet!

Here are some suggestions you can look into.

Soft shoes/slippers:

Don’t forget to turn your attention on your feet! If this isn’t your first pregnancy you may have to do plenty of running around. Choose soft and comfortable socks or shoes to keep your feet healthy and fine!

Maternity Clothes Shops in Canada

I felt best shopping for all these things online instead of roaming around in different stores only to find out what you want is not available, is out of stock or not what you expected. However, if anyone out there prefers in store shopping, here is a list of some amazing maternity stores in Canada.

  1. Old Navy
  2. H & M
  3. Walmart
  4. Seven Women


Got some suggestions on different maternity clothes? Share your views in the comments section down below!