A LEGO storage box is a MUST once your kids find a liking to those building bricks. As a newbie mother, I felt the arrival of my baby boy meant I will always have a cluttered house. No one likes clutter, neither did I. I searched frantically for different ways to contain the big messes my little child loved to create. This little child doubled in two years and tripled in two more years! I now had three little mischievous and curious boys who were eager to explore EVERYTHING around them. I managed to let them explore and keep an eye on any extra ordinary mess. All was going perfect until they graduated from those toy rattles and big plastic toys. They were introduced to LEGOS!

Seeing the mess that legos created made me realise how easy it was with those baby toys. However, I was glad and excited for their new milestone as well and eager to be with them while they navigated their way into how to play, contain and enjoy these toys. These small lego pieces scattered around started bothering my little boys as well as every now and then one would step on a brick and let out a howl. We all sat down and agreed to find a solution. That is when we started looking into a good, practical and kid friendly lego storage box!

It was pretty fun as we searched, discussed and decided what was the best option for us. The best option for us doesn’t have to be the best option for you. I believe every person has their own way of dealing and containing the mess in their life. Let me share the different options we explored with you so you can decide the best for you and your kids!

LEGO Storage Box:

A LEGO Storage Box should fit your requirements of how you can best manage the clutter and also how practical it is for your children to take out, play find and wind up again.

Stackable LEGO Storage Box:

These are Room Copenhagen, Lego Desk Drawers. They are very practical and useful for storing small LEGO pieces. Here is how they can help you.

They come in different sizes.

They don’t have a definite size which you are stuck with once you buy it. You can choose which size best suits your home, space and LEGO collection.

They come in different colours.

These LEGO Desk Drawers have lots of bright colours to choose from. If you have a small LEGO collection, you can just store all of them in one box and be done with it. If your LEGO collection is large, like mine, you can buy different colours and sort the LEGO in different coloured boxes.

These are stackable.

These Boxes can be stacked on top of each other irrespective of the size! This makes them easy to organise in small spaces and they also give a nice neat look to your LEGO storage area.

They have drawers.

These are not only boxes but are actually boxes with drawers! No need to remove the whole tower of boxes from top if you need to access anything from the bottom. Just slide the drawer and you have what you need! The drawers are also removable making it easy for the child to take it out and keep it near him. When they are done, they can just slide it back into its place! This will save you from a whole lot of mess.

They look just like LEGO bricks.

These are shaped just like lego bricks making it fun and creative for the children to actually utilize. The children will be more motivated to clean up after their mess when they see a fun and decorative design as a motivation. It will also add colour to your storage collection!

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SlideAway Toy Storage Basket:

LEGO bricks can be irritating to sort out and clean up. This storage box is kid and parent friendly! It opens up to a mat with raised edges! The pieces stay inside the mat due to these edges and don’t scatter around the whole house. This is the best way to store and contain a huge collection of LEGO without gong through extra hassles. The mat can slide away inside the storage box when your kids is done playing with it. Also, after the bricks are inside and zipped up, this basket actually gives a nice decorative design to your house instead of looking like an actual LEGO storage box. Its great if you have your LEGO area in the living room or if you don’t have space in your house to design an actual LEGO Storage Area.

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Clear Plastic LEGO Storage Box:

These clear plastic boxes are also a good option for storing LEGO. The appearance from outside will give it a nice, bright and friendly look and at the same time, the design is decent and appealing. The clear walls of the box makes it more motivating for your child to reach out and play as they can see whats inside. These also have pull apart drawers for the kids convenience.

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Sorting inside a LEGO Storage Box:

Once you have the product to organise, there are plenty of ways you can decide on sorting these little bricks.


This sorting method is most often used by mothers. You can apply them in not only LEGOS, but in all sorts of toys. Children can easily find which piece they need once they have all the colours separated in different bins. They will no longer be overwhelmed by all bricks cluttered together and think up of more creative builds! It can also be used to teach little children different colours as well as provide a little learning activity as they colour sort with you!


Separating the pieces based on their size is also a good sorting method. Big pieces in one bin, medium pieces in one and small in the other. Not many people sort their LEGO this way but it can still be practical depending on how your children tend to find the pieces they need. Also, the very small pieces are best if you store them separately as they do tend to get lost among the other bigger pieces.


Do you have kids who are always in a dispute about the LEGO pieces? Handle this fight by dividing the LEGO bricks in different storage boxes and assigning a box for each kid. The plus side to this is, if one child wants to play and the other doesn’t, there will be a minimal mess and the kids will be happy and feel independent!


How do you store your LEGO bricks? Share in the comments section down below.