My regular readers must have noticed my very long absence from my blog. Trust me, it felt longer to me than it must have to you. Well, not everything is as bad as it looks. I was in the middle of changing homes and moving to a new place. During that very busy, exciting and fun time we looked into many essentials we would need for our new home. We came across some pretty awesome stuff which I will share later on but right now, I can’t wait to tell you all about my latest obsession. The instant pot pro crisp + Air Fryer!

I always wanted an instant pot. I had used it a couple of times in my relatives house and found it quite handy. It was quick, safe and fun to use. I had vowed to buy one for myself when i moved to our new house. While me and my husband were skimming through the internet looking at different types, brands and companies of the instant pot, we came across some thing far better than the normally used and seen.


Now here is the thing, I wanted (no, not wanted NEEDED) an air fryer as well. It was one my kitchen essentials. With three little kids and a husband who is always up for something good to eat *wink*, my air fryer use was almost 3 times a day.

I tried to go with the cheaper option at first and used the frying pan. You know, the usual way in which you fill up a pan with oil, wait for it to get hot and start dropping frozen/fresh items in it? Well, it didn’t work out because of the following reasons.

  1. My tiny little boys were always around me. These little kids pulling at my clothes and clinging to my legs got me to reconsider my options. It is always best to stay safe than sorry. There was always a danger of hot oil splashing on them or their hyper ness causing me to dis balance the frying pan. The air fryer was the best way to prevent all this. What’s better is that the kids can themselves start using it when they grow a little older.
  2. I myself have a couple of burns on my hands over the years. Dealing with a pan filled with hot oil is troublesome and dangerous. Better to invest in something which keeps you out of harms way as well.
  3. My schedule is filled to the brim for the whole day. Standing and waiting for a piece of chicken to properly fry didn’t go well with my busy routine. I didn’t want to leave something frying while I finished up a quick task like change one of the kids diapers in fear of causing a fire. I am also a very forgetful person and I could not afford to forget something was on the stove. Air fryer solved all my problems by providing a healthy and safe alternative!

So with everything explained, I’m sure you all will perfectly understand why I was thrilled to find this version of the instant pot pro crisp which included an air fryer!

Instant Pot Pro Crisp + Air Fryer Features

Once I had the Instant pot pro crisp, I couldn’t get enough of it. It had the most amazing features and I had myself muttering “Wow” every time I came across something.

Here is what I found.

11 in 1 Functions:

This one appliance could be used for eleven different functions! No need to buy separate appliances and over crowd your kitchen countertops and cabinets. You can air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat, rotisserie, toast, warm and convection oven all in the confinement of this one Instant Pot Pro Crisp. This was a big plus for me as my lunch and dinner options often included fries, burgers and pizzas.

The reheating option is great and safe as well! No excess amount of oil and no harmful radiations. It’s great if you find yourself with plenty of leftovers on a daily basis. Or if you accidentally add too much water in your cooking and can’t stand and wait for the water to dry up. Just use the dehydration option and you are good to go!

2 Interchangeable Lids:

Instead of two different appliances, you get one appliance with two lids. A quick swap of the lids only will change it from a pressure cooker to an air fryer and vice versa. No switching between heavy pots and pans to get your desired meal on the table.

Large Capacity for Food

The instant pot pro crisp is 8 quartz which is the largest in all versions of the instant pot. It’s perfect if you have a big family, cater for parties or cook for a large number of people.

Some people also find it hard to manage cooking in a smaller pot. A larger pot provides more space for mixing, turning and flipping. It makes your work much more easier!

Crisp Technology

It is a common complain I hear from some people that air fryer does not result in the same amount of crispiness as deep frying does. Well, here you go! The air fryer lid of the instant pot is designed to turn your food item nice and crisp with 95% less oil. You can enjoy the same taste without going through a mess and staying safe and healthy.

Saves Time

The instant pot pro crisp is designed to cook food 70% more faster than normal. It also releases pressure more quickly resulting in less time spent in the kitchen.

The first time I released the valve, I was astounded by how quickly all the steam was released! Quick cool technology couldn’t have been more efficient.

Built-in Safety Features

Safety comes first in everything. The instant pot pro crisp has additional features for safety including overheat protection, safety lid lock and a quick release button. It also has an upgraded steam release switch to prevent splashing on the counter.

With little kids in the house, it is best to opt for the safest option available in order to ensure peace of mind.

New Inner Pot

This version comes with a new inner pot which is made of stainless steel and is compatible with all types of stove tops. It can also heat up in the oven till 450 F. Unlike the other versions of the instant pot this inner pot has a flat bottom which is easier for cooking and sauteing different types of food. It also has silicone handles which can be used for carrying and lifting the pot as well as stirring.

Fast and Slow Cook

The instant pot pro crisp has both options of fast and slow cook. If you intend to get more flavour then go for the traditional slow cook method and let your food take in all the yumminess. If you are in a rush the no worries! Fast cook your food and be ready within minutes!

What is included in Instant Pot Pro Crisp + AirFryer

The instant pot pro crisp + Air Fryer comes with the following parts.

  1. Dishwasher safe multi cooker lid
  2. Air frying lid
  3. broil/ dehydrate tray
  4. Air fry basket
  5. Stainless steel inner pot with flat bottom dishwasher safe.

Where to buy Instant Pot Pro Crisp + Air Fryer

Are you looking to add the instant pot pro to your kitchen. Well, you are one step away into making your life a lot easier.

Here are all the places you can buy an instant pot from.

  1. The Instant Pot Website
  2. Amazon

I bought mine from Amazon as there was no shipping fee for me and it arrived much more quickly. This is the package I received from Amazon.

I set to opening it up right away and came every now and then to have a glance at it resting on my countertop.

I’ve made three dishes so far using this and I assure you, if you don’t have it, you definitely should get it! What were your experiences with the Instant Pot? Share in the comment section down below.