The last trimester of pregnancy usually flies by in a flurry of preparations! There is so much to take care of including setting the house, the nursery, baby proofing, buying all the gears, organising and packing your hospital bag for labour. While the rest of the preparations have room for mistakes (you can always rearrange or buy out the missed items) but the last part doesn’t! You want to be sure to have all that you need in your bag once you reach the hospital. It would be hard to arrange for anything once you are already there. Even if you do have the means, most women tend to let it pass thinking it won’t be long till they are out of this place and back to the comfort of their home.

Don’t delay packing your hospital bag till you start feeling labour pain! At that moment, you won’t be thinking straight and everything will be rushed and mismanaged. Start this job once you reach 36 weeks aka the last month of pregnancy. You can think with a clear mind about what to pack and what not to pack. You will also have enough time to add or remove items along the way as you seem fit.

Packing a hospital bag may seem overwhelming. Take it little by little and you will have it done in less than an hour! You have to pack for yourself, the baby and your husband (or whoever will accompany you to the hospital.) In my case, I had to pack another bag for my kids as they had to be dropped at a family members house while I was away.

Let’s go through each persons hospital bag essentials one by one.

What A Mother Needs in Her Hospital Bag For Labour:

Remember, you are the priority here. Most of the items needed are for your comfort. You are doing an amazing job! Bringing a baby into this world is the most important task which requires you to have all that you need first and foremost. While it is only you who can best decide what makes you comfortable and what doesn’t, here is a list to help you come to that very decision.

  1. Comfy Clothes:
    Pack the clothes which you will feel most comfortable in once you have delivered your little one. Choose a soft, non itchy fabric that feels good against your skin. Make sure they are warm as you might feel cold after giving birth.( I remember asking for blankets after blanket after one of my delivery only because i didn’t pack warm clothes!) Its best if those clothes are also postpartum friendly, help in breastfeeding¬† and don’t cause problems with your movement.
    Ekousar Maternity Gown With Buttons are the best. They are modest and easy to function with!
  2. Socks and Slippers:
    Your feet might get swollen after you give birth. Keep soft, plush and comfortable slippers to relax your feet during and after labour. It’s best if socks are non-slip and have a good grip. Those legs and feet deserve this much!
    The Pembrook Fuzzy Socks are designed especially for the hospital and are super soft and stretchy.

  3. Sweater or Robe:
    Your body needs to be warm after you give birth. It is still recovering so be sure to keep your sweater with you. It isn’t a nice feeling to experience cold after delivery. Even if you have a good tolerance for it! Choose your most comfy sweater and pack it along with your clothes.
  4. Nursing bras:
    Pack at least 2 of your nursing bras. Try them on from before so you can check their level of comfort.
  5. Postpartum Under wears:
    Postpartum underwear will be different from your normal undies. They should be large and comfortable. Remember you will have a considerably sore vagina due to stitches and on top of that you will be experience bleeding.
  6. Breast pump:
    Having a breast pump is important whether you plan to breastfeed or use formula. All babies are different. Some may experience problem latching on to your breast at first. It is truly a mental and physical struggle for the mother. However, having your breast pump with you can give you a quick alternative and stimulate your flow of breastmilk. A manual pump will be more convenient at the hospital. I recommend using Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump. It worked best for me.

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  7. Bottles:
    Keep baby bottles if you plan to formula feed. Multiples, please, because you can’t sanitise the one after use. I would again take the name of Philips Avent Natural Infant Starter Set. These bottles have nipples that are designed to mimic the breast making it easy to combine with breast feeding. The nipple is also best for infants to latch on and grip.

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  8. Pads:
    Your hospital might or might not supply you with these. If you know the protocol and are content with the quality and amount of pads provided by your hospital then good for you! Otherwise, keep a handful of postpartum pads just in case.
  9. Toiletries:
    Make a separate pouch for all your toiletries ( toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wash, shampoo, soap, lotion, deodorant and other item that you use) to keep them in one place. You wouldn’t want to empty your whole bag just to find a toothbrush.
  10. Hair Supplies:
    Keep a comb, brush and hair ties and hair band. Choose whatever you are comfortable with. I used to oil my hair before delivery and tie them in a tight braid so they wouldn’t get tangled. See whichever hair style keeps you at ease and pack accordingly.
  11. Snacks:
    Hospital food might not be to your liking, Having some snacks and drinks of your choice saves the day. Be sure to opt for healthy ones though. You need the strength as you recover from childbirth.
  12. Electronics:
    Phone will definitely be the last thing you put in your bag so don’t forget it. Keep your phone charger, headphones and any other gadget you feel you will need.

What To Pack for Baby in Your Hospital Bag:

You can keep a separate bag for baby and your self or keep all the stuff in one bag and separate them in different compartments. Either ways, here is what you will need for your baby.

  • Diapers:
    ¬†First and foremost, pack newborn diapers. After covid, there might be a different rule in whether or not you are to be supplied with diapers or not. Most hospitals don’t give them anymore so be safe and keep a handful of the number 1 size with you. Pampers Swaddlers are the #1 Paediatrician Approved Diapers for baby. They stay dry for long hours preventing rashes.

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  • Wipes:
    Don’t compromise on the quality of these, They are the key to prevent diaper rash.
  • Vaseline:
    This is what i have been using and still use instead of any diaper or rash cream. It is the best for your little babies skin and can never go wrong.
  • Baby Nail Clipper:
    Babies are born with long nails. It’s better to clip them off as soon as you can before they start scratching their cute little face.
  • Baby Blanket:
    Warmth is everything for your baby. Pack a baby blanket to keep your baby warm in the hospital and when you are ready to bring him home.
  • Going home outfit:
    Babies are usually wrapped in sheets provided by the hospital for the time they are there. You will require clothes when you take them home. Pack one newborn outfit to adorn your baby in once they are ready to leave. This used to be my favourite part! Make sure the clothes do not irritate the umbilical cord and the clamp at the baby’s navel.
  • Carseat:
    You won’t be allowed to take your baby home without a carseat. Get a registered and approved infant carseat and have it installed in your car beforehand.
  • Tahneek Dates:
    The sunnah of Tahneek can be done anytime but I prefer having it done soon after the baby is born.


What Your Partner Needs in Their Hospital Bag:

This part is pretty flexible as the partner won’t be going through labour and won’t be in recovery phase. They can also arrange for themselves at the last moment. However, there is nothing wrong in staying one step ahead. It will be relaxing for your partner to know they have all their essentials one bag away.

Here is what to pack

  • Electronics: Phone, charger and other electronics they tend to use on a daily basis.
  • Pillow: You and your baby will have the bed but your partner won’t. its best if he squeezes a pillow and throw into his possessions to pass the night comfortably.
  • Prayer mat: Don’t forget to offer prayers. This is a time when everyone most needs it.
  • Snacks: Keep his favourite snacks with him as well.

What To Pack For Your Kids:

You might have someone come over your place to look after your kids or you can drop your kids off at someone else’s. I did the latter as it was more convenient for me and for the person who had offered. Here is what I packed for my kids in their bag.

  • 2 sets of clothes for each child
  • Diapers if they still wear them
  • Some of their favourite toys
  • Socks and slippers
  • Toothbrushes

This checklist is to help you figure it all out. Go with your instinct and your style when packing your hospital bag for labour. There might be some stuff which you require more and some less. See what works best for you and enjoy your time!

How did you pack your hospital bag for labour? Share in the comments section down below.