The best commandment that Allah SWT has enforced on us is that of prayer. Its very beautiful designing specific parts of the day specially for yourself. You leave behind all worldly troubles and hindrances, make ablution and stand before The King, Almighty Allah SWT. While every Muslim looks forward to these times that come five times daily, there sure are some people who have intentionally or unintentionally missed up on their prayers.

It maybe because they might be unaware of prayers during that period of their life or have any other problem. 

Well the best thing is Allah SWT is all forgiving. You don’t need to mope about your past when Allah SWT is Al Ghaffar! Ask for forgiveness and you are good to go!

But wait a minute, not just yet. You may be good to go but you still have to make up for your missed prayers. Yes, you are no longer sinful but you do have a debt you need to fulfil with responsibility.

How to make up for missed prayers

People who have missed prayers may come under one of the two categories.

  1. For those people who have a little amount of missed prayers, it’s really easy. Just take out a paper and pen and estimate how many of each prayer you missed. If it’s one of each then make it up whenever you want (except for the makrooh timings). If it’s only a specific time, e.g Fajr then make up for only Fajr prayers i.e how many you missed.

  2. Now some people might be those who have years of missed prayers accumulated. It must give you a headache even thinking about it.

    You must feel there is no way you can calculate what you prayed and what you didn’t. And for so many years! Even if you did manage to do so, there is no way you will be able to make up for it all!

But hang on there, let’s take baby steps and we will have it all sorted out in no time. Here is what you should do.

Estimate each of your missed prayer

The first step is to get a number of how many of each of the five prayers you missed. I know, it’s impossible to know for sure which prayer you missed on which day. There might be days in which you prayed and those in which you didn’t or those in which you prayed some and missed some. You cant know for sure. It’s alright. Make a rough estimate. Do this by using a Calendar and follow these steps.

  1. Start from the year Salah became obligatory on you i.e ever since you reached puberty.

  2. Keep a calendar for each year in front you.

  3. Divide each day of the calendar in five for five prayers.

  4. Subtract the days in each month in which you usually got your periods. If you don’t remember your dates, just subtract the amount of days for how long your period used to last. If you didn’t get it monthly but later apart then subtract accordingly.

  5. Take one month at a time. Try to remember which prayers you missed and which ones you didn’t. If you prayed all the prayers and missed Fajr only then mark the Fajr Salah of each day. If you occasionally missed any other prayer than estimate and mark those as well. If you mostly missed and occasionally prayed then mark all the prayers you missed and the little bits that you think you prayed.

  6. Add up all the missed prayers and get a number for each prayer. A number for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

  7. Do the same for all the months one by one and keep adding the numbers to each prayer that you missed.

  8. Do this for all the years. Now you got a definite number.

Remember this number is not for sure. It maybe that you missed more or less than it. But you did your Ijtihad and that is what Allah (SWT) requires of you. You won’t be held accountable after exerting your full hard work into this.

Download my free printable calendar at the end of this post.

How to keep track of the made up prayers

Now the math work is done. Let’s get to the P.E work. Start praying your missed prayers.

Hold on, they are so many. You already have your current prayers and a whole lot of responsibility on your shoulders. How are you ever going to manage or complete it? Let me tell you a tip which I saw my mom practising.

Make up one missed prayer after completing your obligatory prayer.

You already have Wudhu. You are already on the Musallah and full on the swing. Just get up again, make the intention of the missed prayer and say Takbeer. You can pray a missed Fajr after the obligatory Fajr, a missed Dhuhr after the obligatory Dhur and carry on like that for each time. Now you completed five missed prayers in a day without even feeling it.

Keep another calender, planner or agenda with you and write down the amount of missed prayers you offered each day. Carry on like that and keep track. InshaAllah, before you know it, you would have paid off your debt insha Allah. Remember Allah SWT makes it easy for those who try for His sake.

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How To Offer Prayer to make up for Missed Prayer

Missed prayers are offered just like normal prayers. The only difference is the following.

  1. Missed Prayers are only offered for the obligatory prayers, not the voluntary ones. This means 2 rakah for Fajr, 4 for Dhuhr, 4 for Asr 3 for Maghrib and 4 and 3 Witr for Isha.
  2. Remember to make the intention of missed prayer before saying Takbeer. If you remember the exact date, month and year of the prayer then keep it in mind as well, If not then keep in mind that this is the last prayer that i missed.
  3. It is Makrooh to offer any voluntary prayer after Fajr and Asr Salah. However, missed prayers are NOT voluntary but are also obligatory to make up. This is why it is permissible to make up for missed prayers after Fajr and Asr Salah as well.


Now what are you waiting for? No need to mentally prepare just dive into this journey and go with the flow! InshAllah Allah will make it easy for you!