It’s the time when all the Hajis are arriving back to their homes. Not only that, it’s also the time when we can reinforce the Hajj activities and increase the fascination of Hajj for our children! The season of Hajj isn’t over just yet! Let’s roll over to greet the Hajis ‘Hajj Mubarak’ and get creative in the process. It will cause so much joy and happiness to the ones returning home and a lot of satisfaction to the greeters!

Hajj Mubarak Ideas

Let’s explore all you can do to make this moment memorable and filled with happiness.

Hajj Mubarak Cake

Are you a baking enthusiast? Why not trigger your enthusiasm with this occasion and bake a cake! You can make the cake that’s most hit in your family. Take cake making to the next level and get to decorating it. Involve your kids with you and have some fun time together as you gather the ingredients and discuss the mixing and the whisking. Decorate it with a Hajj theme! You can brainstorm ideas or just get them off Pinterest. Here is the cake that we made. It was very fun getting it together and deciding how the last look should be.Hajj Mubarak

Hajj Mubarak

We made a chocolate and coffee cake cake and decided to go with writing ‘Hajj Mubarak’ on one and the dua ‘May Allah (SWT) accept from us and from you’ on the other along with some Masjid designs. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of writing, you can just add a Hajj Mubarak Cake Topper.

How do you think it looks? Makes you want to go through your baking ingredients, right?

Make A Meal From Qurbani Meat

What better to offer the Hajis than Qurbani Meat! Let them come home to the aroma of delicious food. They would feel amazingly content and satisfied setting down to devour yummy meals. So what are you waiting for? Get out the ingredients and take out your Qurbani meat. Decide from the various biryani, karahi, and tikka menu and give your whole house a treat!

Te get ideas on what to make, Read my Article ‘Eid-ul-Adha Meat – What to do with it.’

Hajj Mubarak Cards

You don’t need to search for hours to scrape out an art and craft activity for your kids. Go with the moment! Let them make Hajj Mubarak Cards for the coming pilgrims. Set out an art and craft station and scatter various art supplies. Include construction papers, glitter, pompoms, beads, stickers, colour pencils, markers, crayons and whatever else you have around. Let your kids use recycling products as well! Offer them a bunch of ideas and leave them to design on their own. They will think of so more of Hajj than just a random season, you will get plenty of time to work around while they engage and they will have something to present as well!

Here are the cards my kids mustered up.

Hajj Mubarak

Hajj Mubarak

Deep Clean The House

Start a major deep cleaning session before the Hajis arrive. Assess every corner of the house and look which part needs a clean up. Remove the furnitures and clean up behind them. Vacuum, mop and dust all the areas. Clean and wipe the kitchen counter tops and finish off with a nice scented smell inside the house. Light scented candles to make it more pleasant. Participate as much as you can to welcome the guests of Allah back home!

Arrange Their Room

Make the Hajis room as comfortable as you can. Clean and mop the flooring. Vacuum all the carpeted areas. Change the bedding and arrange and organise any visible clutter. Make sure all their essentials are in place so when they come home they don’t have to worry about setting their bedroom. This is the best welcome I can receive when coming home, what about you?

Decorate The House

Decorate the house with a Hajj Mubarak Theme. You can make banners and blow balloons. Set up a display table with all that you made. It’s a really fun thing to do for both people. The household members can’t get over their excitement as they anticipate the reaction of the pilgrims and the pilgrims can’t feel more loved and valued when they see the amount of hard work their family put in to welcome them!

Here are some decorative supplies you can get from Amazon.

Learn Duas

Use this opportunity to add to the list of Duas you and your children know. Teach them the Dua to say to the person returning from Hajj and learn it yourself as well.

Ibn ‘Umar (RA) reported: ‘A young man came to the Prophet (SAW) and said: ‘I intend to go and perform Hajj’. So the Messenger of Allah (SAW) walked with him and said the first dua and when he returned he said the second dua’.

زَوَّدَكَ اللهُ التَّقْوَى، وَوَجَّهَكَ فِيْ اَلخَيْرِ، وَكَفَاكَ الْمُهِمَّ

May Allah provide you with the fear of Allah, turn you towards good and be your sufficiency for what is important.

قَبِلَ اللهُ حَجَّكَ، وَغَفَرَ ذَنْبَكَ، وَأَخْلَفَ نَفَقَتكَ

May Allah accept your Hajj and forgive your sins and compensate you for your expenditure.

You can also teach them this dua,

تَقَبَّلَ اللهُ مِنَّا وَ مِنْكُمْ

May Allah (SWT) accept from us and from you.

Hold A Hajj Story Circle

Do your kids love story time? Well, time for story time then! After the pilgrims have relaxed and settled themselves, hold a circle time in which they relate their at stories and experiences of Hajj.

Trust me, these tales are really entertaining and fun to listen to. The children will be giggling with amusement at all the funny parts and gaping at fascination at all the amazing experiences.

I personally love listening to the Hajis tell about their Hajj. How their journey went, who they met, what they witnessed and felt. It increases the longing to go for Hajj even more and puts the Haji in a significant light!

Acknowledge The Tabarruk

The best part about someone returning from Hajj are the valuables they bring along with them! No, I am not talking about ridiculously expensive items but something much more worthy and blessed. Souvenirs from the two blessed cities! And best of all the Miracle Water ( Zam Zam and dates!

Nothing can be more dear to me. This is the time to talk about the story of Zam Zam to your children. Take turns sipping from it and making Dua. Enjoy the dates and feel blessed!

What did you do for a returning pilgrim? Share in the comment section down below!