Eid ul Adha does not only bring with itself celebrations and festivities, it also comes with loads and loads of meat! While it’s very exciting distributing and utilizing the meat obtained from sacrifice, most people might get overwhelmed and try to get an idea of what to do with all this meat. As a little girl, I used to stare dizzily at the pile of meat on the kitchen counter wondering how my mother would get rid of it all. Now all grown up and managing a house of my own, I am so proud to know that I can very easily do that job myself!.

Let’s read all you can do with the meat obtained on this blessed occasion.

Give some meat out to the needy.

Use this opportunity to help out the poor and needy. It feels amazing and relaxing to know you have given out a part of your sacrifice to ease the burden of a family who was having a hard time putting food on the table. They can have a delightful and yummy Eid filled with a meaty dinner and you can earn lots of rewards and loads of Duas!

The Prophet (SAWS) said,

The upper hand (giver) is better than the lower hand (reciever).

Make a portion for your family and friends.

Its the occasion of Eid and meat is trending! No need to figure out what to give as Eid Gift. You have a gift ready given to you by Allah! The meat of sacrifice! Look around you, start distributing amongst your neighbours, family, friends and other acquaintances. Have fun exchanging smiles and meat with each other.

Throw nn Eid ul Adha Meat Party!

Fill your Eid with celebrations and joy! Invite all your close friends and family together and throw an Eid Party. What is amazing is you don’t have to think of what to make for the menu. You have plenty of meat and a lots of ideas at your disposal.

Store some Eid ul Adha meat for yourself.

Allah (SWT) has bestowed such favours upon this Ummah that he didnt bestow upon any other. The Meat of Sacrifice has been made halal to consume whereas it wasn’t halal for previous Ummahs. Take advantage of this blessing and store some meat for yourself. Don’t overstuff your freezer but remember to store some meat to treat yourself any day you feel like you had too many veggies!

Eid ul Adha Meat Barbeque.

Who is not always up for a barbecue? Eid ul Adha is the best time when you can get geared up for an amazing barbecue event. Get your barbecue grill and utensils ready and set yourself to enjoying the smoky meat coming off hot and juicy right from the grill!

Make kababs and freeze.

Kababs come in real handy especially if you have little kids. Make different sorts of kebabs, arrange them on a plastic tray and freeze! Anytime you want to arrange a quick meal, snack or prepare your kids lunchbox, just open the freezer and help yourself to those yummy kebabs.

Meaty Dishes.

Here is a list of the dishes you can make during Eid ul Adha.

  1. Shami kabab
  2. Bihari kabab
  3. Qeema
  4. Beef and chilli
  5. Achaar gosht
  6. Mutton karahi
  7. Mutton pulao
  8. Mutton biryani
  9. Haleem

To make it easy, I use ready made marination bought from a Desi store. You can also get them online and add more taste to your cooking.

These are the packets which you will ALWAYS find in my kitchen. Give them a try and you will thank me for making your life more easier and tastier!

Do you make something special with the meat on Eid ul Adha? Share in the comment section down below!