With each passing day, we see another victorious step taken by the LGBTQ community and their supporters. Everyday brings with it some new way of promoting their agenda. It has risen to the extent that a person cannot escape from being confronted with it. The Muslims born in the 1990s can stay firm to their beliefs but what about the coming generations? Raising them aware of Islamic Principles is necessary. This awareness also includes talking to them about why Muslims can not support LGBTQ.

By now, it is immensely clear to everyone that the project of LGBTQ community is to normalise this concept. We see it being introduced to little children in a kid friendly way. “You know a family can consist of two mommies or two daddies.” Sounds familiar? “Well this is just everywhere! If Muslims cannot support LGBTQ, then what do they do?” This feeling of frustration and utter helplessness sound familiar?

Let me tell you, how to get past it. When they push forth, you push BACK. Hold that shield of Imaan a little more firmly and trust me they WONT be able to evade your religious beliefs.

Educate on Why Muslims Can’t Support LGBTQ

Their target is the coming generations. This is why their focus is more on introducing it to little children so they become desensitised towards it. How about using this same strategy and energy as well but for a different cause. Let’s start explaining to our little children about the Fitnah of LGBTQ. Explain to little ones the natural order of human nature. How Allah (SWT) created us and ordered us to be. Tell them that girls can only marry boys and boys can only marry girls. Anything else is disliked by Allah SWT and is Shaytan’s conspiracy to turn us away from Jannah. Answer any questions they might have gently and with wisdom. Be your children’s role model and safe haven so they have good reason to listen to you!

However, it is not so simple as children start to turn into youngsters and teenagers. They will start questioning and by now they are old enough for you to sit down and talk clearly. Address their queries and tell them answers. At this point, a simple, “Muslims can not support LGBTQ” will not suffice. Here is how you can deal with this.

“Why are LGBTQ Community being targeted for something not in their control?”

The LGBTQ community feel what they feel and so they should be free to act upon their desires. Stop. Pause. Think. Is it really practical and reasonable to act upon every desire that comes upon your heart? If that is the case then shouldnt incest be legalised as well? Its consensual as well. Same goes with wedding a minor. Isn’t it ‘cruel’ to stop and shun them? After all, they have feelings which are not in their control. Or how about a thief? He is is inclined to steal, he cant help it. It’s rude to stop him as well isn’t it?

The problem is everyone of these actions cause uncontrollable damage to society. This is why they have been disallowed and prohibited. LGBTQ is one of them, yet it has twisted its way to make itself acceptable in our society. Practising LGBTQ corrupts the mind of so many people. It causes health problems and puts an end to the cycle of having children born to a mother and father. It disrupts the lineage of a child causing confusion between the mahrams and non mahrams.

“How do LGBTQ themselves handle being such?”

The major reason young Muslims have a troubled heart when accepting LGBTQ matters is because they believe they have to be harsh. Say a Muslim person feels he or she is inclined to the same gender. What should they do? How should other Muslims behave around them?

Keep in mind one very important aspect of Islam. Nothing is a sin until it is acted upon. It is not haram to feel inclined towards the same sex but it is haram to act upon the inclination. Make this point very clear to your children. Allah (SWT) will not hold a person accountable for the thoughts, whispers or feelings that Shaytan throws at them. Although, it is the duty of the person having such inclinations to seek help from a pious person. Just like how people go to therapy to handle their harmful emotions. Same is the case with such feelings. On the other hand, such a person will be rewarded more by Allah SWT for going through this internal struggle with himself.

“Muslims can not Support LGBTQ make them homophobic?”

Muslims nowadays fear speaking out their mind against LGBTQ. Moreover, the people who are not part of the LGBTQ community fear themselves getting bullied and not the other way around. Its mostly the fear of being termed as a ‘homophobic’.
Well if today its ‘homophobic’, tomorrow it will be ‘alcoholophobic’ or ‘adulterophobic’ and the list goes on. Furthermore, manipulating you to believe you are a bad person if you believe something to be wrong is very well against their own slogan. Freedom.
Allah SWT says in the Quran,

“They will never ever be satisfied and happy with you until you do not follow their creed.”

We do not have to please the disbelievers or try to be in their good books. They will continue to manipulate you until they have turned you from your Deen. If they want to label us ‘homophobic’, so be it. Be at ease knowing that Islam is the religion of peace and entails the utmost wisdom in its commandments. Also, stay strong and know that Allah will reward you for sticking to your views in the face of harassment.

“What About Children With Gay Parents?”

LGBTQ relationships are now actively taught at public schools. Not to mention public libraries are hoarded with all such books. Their primary focus is to save the children who have gay parents from being the object of bullying.

Now let’s be realistic here, if the purpose is to condemn bullying then the topic should be bullying and not LGBTQ. There can be children whose parents are alcoholic and have drinking problems. Additionally there might be children with parents in jail or who use bad language. Also, children with parents standing up for a controversial political matter. Does this in anyway, make it right for the school to start teaching and advocating such acts with the children? What should be done is to simply condone bullying of any kind. Knowing LGBTQ runs against Islam yet teaching it to Muslims children is absolutely immoral and unethical.

“How can Muslims not Support LGBTQ in School?”

The simple answer to this question is don’t send your kids to public school. They do them, we do us. Its really important to save our children’s belief. Alternatively, you can send your kids to Islamic Schools nearby or opt for homeschooling. We cannot expect our children to spend 6 hours a day with LGBTQ supporters and not be influenced by it. Especially when its cleverly being portrayed as something normal and free from harm. Its our job to save the future generation and we cannot do it if our children are constantly being told it is wrong to stand against LGBTQ. It will be hard at first but stand your ground and inshAllah Allah SWT will aid you in ways you can’t even imagine.

It is understandably scary for Muslims in the current situation as we see even Muslims being dragged into this mess. But now is our chance to show the beauty and purity of Islam through its teachings. Standing firm together will help us on our way towards Jannah! Ameen

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