Building toys are one of the best. They were trending from longer than we can imagine! Each age had their own form of best building toys. It was rocks, paper, wood, grass and other materials in the olden days. Now they have evolved into the most amazing and fascinating toys. I’m sure almost every mother out there has given building toys a try. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for! Go for it and you will see the magic unfold.

Let me first tell you why building toys are just the best.

Why choose the best toys for building?

Here are some reasons why I prefer building toys to any other toy.

The child remains entertained for long hours.

Building toys keep your child engaged for hours. No more racking your brain every few minutes thinking of a new way to entertain your child. Believe it or not, I have had days in which the whole day used to be spent on just building, breaking and then back again! Its best for working and busy mamas. Leave your child with building toys and be at ease for the day or at least for a couple of hours knowing your kid is involved in a game thats good for him!

Best building toys increase motor skills.

Enhancing motor skills is very important in little children, more so than teaching them academics. Fine motor skills make your child more independent and ready on their own. Playing with building toys is one fine way to improve your child’s motor skills. While playing, they will go through stages in which the building piece breaks because of too much or too less pressure. They will slowly learn by trying again and again, how to use their fingers and hand movement to make exactly what they want. This skill will come in handy when they get to the age of helping around with chores!

Playing with such toys add to creativity and imagination.

When playing with building toys, your child will use a big part of his imagination to make different objects. It will be a little world of his own in which he can place and remove whichever feature he wants. I am sometimes astounded by my children’s wild imagination when they show me a something they made and explain why it looks the way it does. Just like that, they take their creativity to the next level by adding different toys and forming their own version of play!

The best building toys develop problem solving skills.

These small little brains are capable of absorbing so much more than we think. They just need to do it their way. While building what they want, they will figure out many stuff on their own like how many pieces to use and which piece goes where. Getting stuck on a structure makes them try again and again. Ultimately, they become more quicker in solving problems and it sharpens their tiny minds.

Best Building Toys.

Considering all these factors, I’m pretty sure y’all are convinced that building toys are the best for kids. Have a look at the best type of building toys which will certainly get you drooling.

Magnet Tiles:

Nothing beats magnetic tiles. They are easy to play with and don’t contain choking pieces. They could also be played with by many kids ranging from different age groups. I had the best experience with them. My kids stay glued to these for the whole day and end up making the most creative structures and forming their very own play!

So far they have made, castles, parking lots, animal shelter, rockets , trucks, jeep, London School bus and many other things. They also manage to add other toys to their play like placing toy animals inside the animal shelter and small cars inside the parking lot.

Since these are magnets, your child can experience all other sorts of magnetic fun with it as well like sticking them on the fridge and garage doors. Once they start, they will explore each and every magnetic field in the house!

After buying one set, you will definitely be inclined to buy another as your kids wont get enough of them and would keep on wanting to expand their creations!

You can get any type of tiles but I personally would recommend the Picasso Magnet Tiles.

Lego/Brick Blocks:

The best thing about lego is it comes in different sizes and for different age groups. My oldest has been playing with lego ever since he was four months. It kept him engaged for a good whole hour and he used to focus on the tiniest detail. He ended up building the most creative stuff with it while using his imagination. Remember to choose lego according to your child’s age. my kids have the LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Box.

If you have younger children, don’t get the lego with small pieces. Buy Lego DUPLO Classic Deluxe Brick Box instead.

Bristle Blocks:

I had no idea how entertaining these would be. Though there aren’t many things your kid can make, but they are great for kids under 3 years. If the older ones take a liking to it then let them have a go as well!


These are small little tubes going in different directions. Your child can make a variety of different objects with it ranging from building structures, animals and objects from their own imagination. My kids used to at times just make simple long sticks and act like old people with a cane for the whole day! Amusing for them and for you!

Wooden Blocks:

These blocks fascinate the little kids so much because of their material and shape. It contains a variety of different 3d shapes giving kids plenty of room to create and focus on new objects while playing!


These are very appealing as they are different from all the rest of the building toys. Once your child starts to play with them, he will learn so much of STEAM and be entertained at the same time!

What do you think is the best building toy? Share your views in the comment section down below!